SEG Associés
3, rue Aumont Thiéville
75017 Paris
Tél : 33 (0)1 84 86 05 45
RCS Paris 792 195 851 

Focus Groups, one on ones, triads, ethno observations...

Our +

  • Quality & full control of the recruitments

    • For mass market targets:
      Face to face pre-screening of the respondents, control of the quota, screening of "first time" respondents

    • For trade targets:
      Team experienced in BtoB

  • Experienced senior bilingual moderators
  • Efficient and high standard logistics developed for project management

    • Comfortable, large rooms...
      One way mirrors, client's rooms,
    • Video-streaming
    • DVD recording, video editing
      High speed connection for internet access /wifi
    • Refreshments and restaurant meals for clients and respondents
    • Simultaneous translation, note taking, transcripts

  • Flexible choice of quality level from simple set up of the project up to full market research (methodology, analysis, recos)

  • A research manager who is always available and follows up on all aspects of your project

  • Competitive budgets and deadlines